If you're scheduling a session with me at
my studio, we will create a tintype together
in and outside of my darkroom. The whole
process typically takes 20 minutes
for a single portrait. You'll get to watch
the whole process! 

  Tintype exposures can take
anywhere between 2 and 10 seconds (sometimes longer) depending on lighting conditions. Right now, I am only photographing in natural light, which means the photographs are made outside using the sunlight. In this scenario, holding as still as possible is ideal!

CAN I BRING MY CHILD/PET FOR A TINTYPE?  The short answer is yes. But beware, due to the sometimes lengthy exposure times, even slight movement will blur the final image (which is part of the charm of tintypes to be sure). Children, pets (and some adults) are notoriously wiggly, so if you are okay with a potentially  blurry final image, let's give it a shot!

CAN I TAKE MY TINTYPE HOME AFTER OUR SESSION?  Unfortunately no, there is still one final step in the wet plate process, and that is varnish. The plate must be washed, dried and then coated with a protective varnish which helps keep the plate safe and live a long life.  After being varnished, it must be allowed to cure for about two weeks before it leaves my darkroom. But in the meantime, I will provide you with a high resolution scan of your tintype(s). We can then arrange a drop off, or ship your tintype to you!

HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN BE IN MY TINTYPE?  Right now, my only size option is 4x5" (but stay tuned!). Up to 2 folks look best in this size, but I will try my best to fit up to 5 with the understanding that having that many folks sharp and in focus is difficult. Adding folks beyond 2 will add an additional $10 per person (up to 5) for each tintype. 

HOW MANY IMAGES DO YOU MAKE?  Each tintype is completely unique. When you book a session, you can let me know how many you are interested in. If you elect for one, but would like to make more at the time of your session you may do so if we have the time.

WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE MY TINTYPE?  The wet plate/tintype process is known for its ability to show every freckle, wrinkle, and gesture on a subject, which sometimes isn't everyone's cup of tea. If you don't like your plate and want to reshoot it, there will be an additional $25 chemical/processing fee. I will always remake a tintype due to my own errors and significant chemical errors that disrupt the subject, but please be flexible and know that imperfection is part of the beauty of this process. 

WHAT ARE YOUR RATES? DO YOU REQUIRE A DEPOSIT?  Right now, a 45 minute session 4x5" tintype is $75 at my studio. I require a deposit of $20 to secure your session. This deposit will go towards the final price of your session. If you don't show up to your session or cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you will forfeit your deposit. With proper notice, I will be happy to reschedule your session and honor your original deposit. Forfeited deposits go towards the preparation of the session. Prices of chemicals, improved equipment and experience make this price subject to change, and I thank you ahead of time for your understanding.

DO YOU HAVE PACKAGE DEALS? Sure do! I'm offering a package deal of one hour sessions for three 4x5" tintypes at my studio for $210 (thats $15 off!). This offer is perfect for couples who want a portrait together and a solo portrait of each person, or for families. Up to four faces total, no pets. 

DO YOU OFFER GIFT CARDS FOR TINTYPE SESSIONS?  Yes! If you find me at a pop-up market, I will have them available for purchase. Otherwise feel free to email me and I will mail a gift card to your preferred shipping address. If you've received a gift card for a portrait session, please reach out to me via email (kelseytdillow@gmail.com) and we will schedule your session! 

WHAT IF IT RAINS?  If weather is less than ideal, we will need to reschedule the session (without charge of course). Due to the use of natural light, there is always a risk of inclement weather putting us out. I appreciate your understanding! 

DO YOU DO EVENTS/HOUSE CALLS/ WEDDINGS?  Yes! Pricing is subject to change based on event type, and generally start at $195. Please email me at kelseytdillow@gmail.com to discuss potential events/travel sessions. 

CAN I USE MY TINTYPE COMMERCIALLY?  Yes. While I retain all copyright to the images I make, I'm happy to discuss usage fees and details with anyone interested. 

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"We reached out to Kelsey after searching for Knoxville tintype photographers online. She was super responsive, warm, and helpful in preparing us for our first tintype. Not only did she make us feel very comfortable at her home studio, but we got to watch the entire behind-the-scenes process, too, and see the love and care she puts into it! Our tintype turned out beautifully and we couldn't be happier. We would not hesitate to recommend Kelsey to anyone looking to have their tintype made."

- Jackie, CO



Thank you!